Monday, March 26, 2012

The Queen Tweets

Honestly, she does! (or someone for her does...) It's updates on tours, changing of the guards, other royal tours. Very nice and stately. And the Queen only follows Clarence House. Which is...Prince Charles I think? I learned today, while looking at all this, that I know nothing about British history, politics or well...most anything. I took French history, Irish History, Scottish History, Russian History, Canadian History, Italian History, Asian History, Indian History, Egyptian history...but not English. Sorry England!

I also didn't watch the royal wedding...because it was 4 AM...and it took about five hours on the DVR. Eh.

I'll tell you what I did enjoy though...The Queen's super fake twitter accounts. There are some funny people in England.

The Twitter account Queen_UK is mentioned in this article, and there's even a book. Fabulous.

Here's the account hm_the_Queen

This is QueenLizII's Twitter Account

There is also a (fake) Kate Middleton account, Prince William, Prince Philip (oh dear...), well...the whole (fake) family is on there. The Queen's are the best IMO.


Clarence House's Twitter Account here
The legitimate account of the Queen and co. here
Queen_UK Twitter account is here...except for you Nick Clegg.
Hm_the_queen Twitter account is here
QueenLizII's Twitter account is here
Kate Middleton (@MrsOfWales) is here
Prince William (@William_HRH) is here
Prince Philip (@PrincePhilipHRH) is here

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