Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grad School Apps

Silly Grad School Applications

I have to really start being more realistic about my time frame to complete an application. I assumed I could do three last night. I finished one in about four hours. Ugh.

Well, one down. I need to have one more done by tomorrow. And then the first deadline for the third is in April. I'm going to try and get all of them done by mid-April. Before Easter at least.

Graduate Applications are possibly the most stressful things I've done in awhile. Who knew five pages (give or take a page) would cause so much grief? I had planned on getting all the apps done by around nine (if I started at five ish), then take a long wonderful bubble bath and read a good book.

Grad school...you are messing with my relaxation routine. Stop it.

Granted, some of my problems come from the fact that half my applications are to schools abroad. GPA is an American term. England and Australia put random "u"s in half the words (that's not really confusing). I hope any mistakes I make (and I'm sure there have been a ton) are forgivable.

Anyways...the applications this week are for one American school and two Australian schools. Wouldn't it be fun to study in Australia? I mean...it's Australia! And no, nothing anyone says will convince me that Australians aren't some mix of Hugh Jackman, Simon Baker and Heath Ledger. Nothing.

Kangaroo, Koalas and Sydney images from Pinterest

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