Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Grad School Applications!

Not to sound super boring (but it is) but I'm finishing up my college applications this week. Somehow my application to Paris didn't go in (even though they said it originally did) so I need to figure
that out and I have to send off some extra things (like my resume) to a school in Australia.

No fun Thursday night for this girl :(

I also need to do some housework. This is seriously not going to be a fun night.

The good news is that I'm learning a bit more about how to make my blog nicer. Like adding a menu bar. Whew..a bit harder than I thought (I want a pretty one!). We'll see how that might be a disaster. An EPIC disaster.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

still doing applications but I found my perfect job!

I think the first step (as in the first weeding out session) of college graduate applications is to send in the application packet. So far I've had to hunt through about ten pages of this one particular college website to find what needs to go in. I still have no clue, but they're just going to get everything I've got. And hopefully I've covered it.

I did find my absolute perfect job. I would be so freaking good at it. In fact...I'd be the top dog at this profession.

Professional Hotel test sleeper. I'd sleep the crap out of those hotel beds! Hire me, please!

Ms. Zhuang (a professional Hotel Test Sleeper for Qunar) tests out a bed at a business chain hotel
Checking the bed

Pictures from MSNBC Photo Blog of "Hotel Test Sleeper"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grad School Apps

Silly Grad School Applications

I have to really start being more realistic about my time frame to complete an application. I assumed I could do three last night. I finished one in about four hours. Ugh.

Well, one down. I need to have one more done by tomorrow. And then the first deadline for the third is in April. I'm going to try and get all of them done by mid-April. Before Easter at least.

Graduate Applications are possibly the most stressful things I've done in awhile. Who knew five pages (give or take a page) would cause so much grief? I had planned on getting all the apps done by around nine (if I started at five ish), then take a long wonderful bubble bath and read a good book.

Grad are messing with my relaxation routine. Stop it.

Granted, some of my problems come from the fact that half my applications are to schools abroad. GPA is an American term. England and Australia put random "u"s in half the words (that's not really confusing). I hope any mistakes I make (and I'm sure there have been a ton) are forgivable.

Anyways...the applications this week are for one American school and two Australian schools. Wouldn't it be fun to study in Australia? I's Australia! And no, nothing anyone says will convince me that Australians aren't some mix of Hugh Jackman, Simon Baker and Heath Ledger. Nothing.

Kangaroo, Koalas and Sydney images from Pinterest

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Queen Tweets

Honestly, she does! (or someone for her does...) It's updates on tours, changing of the guards, other royal tours. Very nice and stately. And the Queen only follows Clarence House. Which is...Prince Charles I think? I learned today, while looking at all this, that I know nothing about British history, politics or well...most anything. I took French history, Irish History, Scottish History, Russian History, Canadian History, Italian History, Asian History, Indian History, Egyptian history...but not English. Sorry England!

I also didn't watch the royal wedding...because it was 4 AM...and it took about five hours on the DVR. Eh.

I'll tell you what I did enjoy though...The Queen's super fake twitter accounts. There are some funny people in England.

The Twitter account Queen_UK is mentioned in this article, and there's even a book. Fabulous.

Here's the account hm_the_Queen

This is QueenLizII's Twitter Account

There is also a (fake) Kate Middleton account, Prince William, Prince Philip (oh dear...), well...the whole (fake) family is on there. The Queen's are the best IMO.


Clarence House's Twitter Account here
The legitimate account of the Queen and co. here
Queen_UK Twitter account is here...except for you Nick Clegg.
Hm_the_queen Twitter account is here
QueenLizII's Twitter account is here
Kate Middleton (@MrsOfWales) is here
Prince William (@William_HRH) is here
Prince Philip (@PrincePhilipHRH) is here

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Queen crashes a wedding

Ok, she didn't really crash the wedding, she was invited. A couple discovered that their wedding was in the same location as an event that Queen Elizabeth II was being thoughtful people, they invited her. And being pretty awesome, she showed up.

The Queen and John and Frances Canning

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Amandas did NeNe's closet

Y'all know who NeNe is right? NeNe Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta (yes...I totally watch that one too...).

Anyways-Amanda LeBlanc and her Amandas (and Dustin of course) re-designed NeNe's closet on this week's episode. It's a drool worthy closet and I want to move in. stat. NeNe has so many drool worthy things plus I love her sassy self. Since the episode was last night, there haven't been a ton of new pics on the internet, but here's what I did find

From The Amandas Facebook page

Extra super fun links (no...seriously):

  • Another Real Housewife of Atlanta's closet...Marlo Hampton-I'm super jealous! 
  • The Amandas Facebook page which has lots of fun pictures, ideas and also where you can buy the pink bag that all the girls use (its their total tool kit + Amanda approved organizing and design supplies). You can also go shopping in the Amandas store. That's right...there's a store. With fabulous, beautiful, organized things. I adore her. 
  • These ladies got to meet Amanda and talk with her a bit. Here's that blog post.

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I need a new closet. As in...I need an extension to my bedroom that is massive so I can build the perfect closet. It needs to hold all my clothes, and shoes, and jewelry. Because cleaning out my normal sized closet would be sensible y'all. And I'm too tired to be sensible!

Of course...there's a two story closet. That's right. TWO stories. I'll need to win the lotto for that particular design. Or sacrifice half of my future house. I'm slightly tempted too...

Right now my closet looks more like this...

Guess I should start purging, cleaning and organizing!

All the images are from Pinterest, except the last one which is from here

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grad School...

I've taken an hiatus from applications. Just a few days off. I find the whole thing incredibly stressful because I really have no clue about my prospects. My GMAT score is decent but I'm coming to a business/econ degree from art history. I can lead a tour through the Smithsonian-no problem...but I don't have any "business" experience. Still, I'm fairly excited and I hope I get accepted to one of the schools I'm applying to!

From here

Pretty Little Liars

Oh, I don't know how it happened, but it did. I'm addicted to this show on ABC Family called Pretty Little Liars (which is also a book series). I don't even think I fit their target audience but I love a show that has mystery, crime-solving and pretty clothes.

It's about four girls (Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily) who lost a friend named Alison a year previous to the first episode. Alison is more of a nasty piece of work; that friend you hate having around. The first episode begins when Alison's body is recovered and the four girls attend her funeral. At the end of it, they each get text messages from someone named "A".

Basically, to sum it up, "A" is a creepy stalker that plays lots of mind-games and tries to sabotage the four girls as much as possible. He/She threatens to out their deep dark secrets-which seem to be pretty bad for anyone.

Any-who, the season finale was this week. There was a masquerade ball before "A" was un-masked. But it was really an accomplice- Maybe. It's an addictive show and the last episode had a homage to Psycho, which was pretty awesome.

tell me someone else noticed this. This chick had to be important...

The season ends with Spencer linking "A" by clothes and gum and having to fight off "A" (one of the "A"s)

This site has a more thorough (and less confusing) write up of the episode with lots of screen caps from the  show.

All images from We Heart It

Monday, March 19, 2012

Another BB Cream post

So I've been playing with the Garnier BB Cream I bought in light/medium. After perusing through about ten different beauty forums looking at reviews and suggestions, I found a post that suggested mixing it with foundation.

Image from here

My camera charger cord is MIA, so I'll have to post pics later but now I'm only slightly orange-ish (hardly noticeable really).

Anyways, the whole point was to link to this thing I found via Pinterest (which is sooooo highly addictive). The site's called Total Beauty, and their editors made a list of their favorite BB Creams. Garnier's version makes their cut because it's affordability.

I'll put the link below. I'm seriously considering the Boscia or the Dr. Jart after I run out of the Garnier (and all my other tinted moisturizer). It'll be awhile...I'm a tad bit addicted to make up.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

GOP women partied hard 1941.

I usually hate talking about politics. I used to not care that much until I went on this one date.

The whole time the guy I was with lectured me on politics and informed me over and over and over about how I should vote.

And while that was annoying...I couldn't believe he was talking about politics over dinner. It's considered really rude here (generally at least in the south).

So, the point of all that is to say-I realize politics can get annoying and upsetting. And I think a lot of problems and differences can be settled in American politics by suspending their congressional/representative pay and benefits until they come up with a viable solution.

It would work, promise. I made a "C" only once in high school-my dad took away my allowance.

Anyways...this is as political as I'm going to get.

Here are some freaking awesome pictures from Life Magazine that covered a Young Women's Republican Club of Connecticut. They wanted to experience the "enjoyments" of tobacco, poker and other masculine pleasures.

The photographer was Nina Leen and the event was called a "smoker".

All the images (including about 12 more) can be seen here as well as the accompanying article and info on all the pics.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patty's (which I've been informed by a lovely Irish man is American...everyone else says Patrick's or Paddys...hmm) Day is HUGE where I live. Everyone celebrates, wears green, drinks green beer (ick!) and has a really wonderful time.

And since I adore theme parties...that's where I'm headed!

Happy St. Patty's everyone!

in Savannah

St. Patty's Parade in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC
President Obama in an Irish bar in Washington D.C. celebrating before meeting the Irish Prime Minister
White House
South Africa
Chicago River (dyed green for st. patty's)

Of course....nothing can beat the Irish!  

Russian celebrations


All Images from MSNBC's photo archive for March 17

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Garden Love

It's not spring yet but there's not much of a winter where I live anyways. The stores have started stocking garden tools and accessories. Most of the stuff is fairly basic (and boring) while some of it has been adorable.

I'm not much of a garden person. I don't really like dirt or bugs (who live in the dirt) and the weather is muggy. But I do really, really love pretty gardens and I really like the nifty and cute garden tools. Almost enough to spend time creating a garden. Almost.

And yes, that's a chandelier (an "outdoor" one). Who doesn't need a bit of sparkle in the garden?

Clockwise from the top left corner
  • Room Essentials (RE) Garden Kneeler, Multi Colored. Here
  • Orla Kiely garden tools...not available to the But available in the UK if anyone's interested
  • William Morris 'Cray' Print Hand Tools Set from here
  • Esschert Design Rose Collection Garden Boots, here
  • Sisal Flower Shape Planter, at Target
  • Tea Tin...but I think any tin like this would be wonderful to grow kitchen herbs. Here
  • sprinkler, here
  • Exhart White Anywhere Crystal Pendant, a la Target
  • Tool Box from Alice Supply Company
  • Glass Mister from here
  • a pink wheelbarrow, here
  • Smith and Hawken Wire Basket, here
  • Victoria and Albert design (from Wild and Wolf) Garden Tool set, Anemone Print. Here
  • Garden for the Cause Kneeling Pad and Tool Combo Set, here
  • Water hose from Alice Supply Company, here
  • Esschert Design Russian Flower Collection Watering Can, here

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gardens (three types)

So I might have mentioned that I have two fine arts degrees. One of those is in art history.

We studied paintings, sculptures, architecture, and the lives of the more famous artists. But it gets a tad more comprehensive. We also studied religion, culture, history, politics, and law. Depending on what portraits, sculpture or art work you were writing your paper on- you might have to know about medieval castle bathrooms, sexual relations of Marie di Medici, papal legislation, Spanish shipbuilding and navigation, business accounts of Ming China, murders (which occur frequently in the art world actually), chemistry and compositions of elements (da Vinci's last supper), aerodynamics (again, da Vinci) and warfare.

I have quite the well-rounded education actually. And I'm about to awe you with something I learned in my 17th and 18th Century Art class. Gardens.

That's right...I learned about gardens. There are types of gardens, with rules and regulations about what and how things get planted. And on the off chance you or I are at a garden party where the host actually has a particular type of garden, I'll be able to tell you "darling, this is a French garden".

The gardens we studied in depth in that class were French, Italian, and English. There are also Persian, American and Japanese. There's also Greek and Chinese, Dutch and Spanish. There are a lot really. There's also historical gardens (which you might have heard of-Hanging Gardens of Babylon anyone?) from the Byzantine or Mughals or Romans. HGTV has a whole show of garden design called The Outdoor Room that features Jamie Durie, who is a landscape artist.

I realize not everyone is as big of a nerd as I am, so I'll keep this blissfully short and to the point.

Here's the big three from class and I suppose one day maybe I'll show the rest.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Ottoman - tufted and gold!

I feel like I've linked a lot to Target this week. I don't mean to sound like a silly fan girl. Target (or Tar-jay for those of us in the know) is a quick hop and a jump up the road. So when I want to get out of the house but can't meet any friends then I hit up Target.

I've been drooling over this home furniture and accessories collection called "Golden Days". Other than the fact that I don't have a job at the moment or any extra space or any need for this stuff, I would have bought the whole collection. It's pretty blues, pinks, whites, golds, greens, tans...just lovely really.

I went today and a lot of the collection had been moved to the end of the aisles. Which is where Target puts it extra sale and clearance stuff. I bought the pouf for $35 and one of the glass perfume bottles (on the white table above) for about $6.

Now I just need to find a place to put them. . .

Images from and

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beautiful Hair Ornaments

I first saw some on this blog, then even more when I went out to meet a friend for lunch. A lot of ladies had some form of sparkle or flower in their hair. To be honest, I haven't worked anything sparkle related in my hair since prom. But I do love things that sparkle!

The goal is to be able to pull it off without looking young (in an immature way). So this is what I found when I looked

The Beauty Department, Lauren Conrad and her friends' site, has a really cute idea

from here

Zappos sells a bejeweled headband

Urban Outfitters has a headband and hair comb for a more understated glitz

The Rodarte hair accessory is a bit intense but still pretty cool. I don't think you can buy them because they were created in-house but this blog has done a DIY on them. 

Simple hair pins with peals attached

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