Sunday, March 18, 2012

GOP women partied hard 1941.

I usually hate talking about politics. I used to not care that much until I went on this one date.

The whole time the guy I was with lectured me on politics and informed me over and over and over about how I should vote.

And while that was annoying...I couldn't believe he was talking about politics over dinner. It's considered really rude here (generally at least in the south).

So, the point of all that is to say-I realize politics can get annoying and upsetting. And I think a lot of problems and differences can be settled in American politics by suspending their congressional/representative pay and benefits until they come up with a viable solution.

It would work, promise. I made a "C" only once in high school-my dad took away my allowance.

Anyways...this is as political as I'm going to get.

Here are some freaking awesome pictures from Life Magazine that covered a Young Women's Republican Club of Connecticut. They wanted to experience the "enjoyments" of tobacco, poker and other masculine pleasures.

The photographer was Nina Leen and the event was called a "smoker".

All the images (including about 12 more) can be seen here as well as the accompanying article and info on all the pics.

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