Monday, April 30, 2012

Stupid farmville leads to new awesome nails!

I think the only thing more stressful than the applications to college has been paying the application fee...for anything out of my home state.

It's just that paying my applications fees is happening the same time as some jerkface in New Jersey tried to steal my credit card number to play games on Facebook. Luckily, my card company caught it and wouldn't let any of his payments go through (or mine). And when they called me to tell me, we had a lovely time wondering what game he must be playing (farmville? mafia wars? some zombie plant game...We never could figure it out).

Sadly...nothing got paid on my end and I get to wake up tomorrow and try again. Which involves me calling the cc company and asking nicely for all these payments to go through. As long as it's not farmville.

Considering I'm completely useless tonight...everything is a go except fees...I might as well re-do my nails. And I'm thinking of trying something new. An "ombre-stain" mani or gradient nails. I went to Lauren Conrad, Amy Nadine and Kristin Ess' website (The Beauty Department) first because I remembered a post that they did involving a sponge and nail-polish.

from The Beauty Department's website. That's Kristin, Lauren and Amy.  

I also did  a google search and found another website...because one is never enough! It's called the Nailasaurus. How cute is that?

So, the basic premise is to mix the nail colors together-but not completely- and then dip the sponge in the color and transfer it to your nails. Easy-peasy.

Here's the tutorial from The Beauty Department. They also have step by step instructions (for picture no. 2, the sponge is soaking in water...not another clear-liquid-that-my-cousin-is-quite-fond-of). So you might want to hop on to the link in the paragraph (it's straight to the page) in case you want to read their tips.

I have old makeup sponges that I've never actually used (multi-pack for Christmas...from like...middle school days. oh wow). So this is for sure happening tonight! But I'm not feeling doing the gradient nails exactly. I'm thinking simpler and only about two (or three). Since it's my first time. So I'm going to mix and match but mostly use Nailasaurus' tutorial.

She has step by step instructions as well...but I'm only going to show two pics because I don't think I could explain it better than she does.  Basically, mix the polishes and put on your nails. I think I'm going more contrast...since I'm so artsy (I'm so not).

Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to get a bear down from a tree (as well as an army officer)

Image from MSNBC's PhotoBlog (via Andy Duann)

The fire departments of the US were pretty busy this week. Crazy pictures too!

Don't worry, the bear is tranquilized and was reported as fine. But this is how you would get a bear down from a tree.

The bear was (in a tree) at the University of Colorado (near the dorms).

MSNBCs PhotoBlog Tranquilized Bear Falls From a Tree at University of Colorado
Bear Tranquilized In Tree Near Williams Village (UC-Boulder)- with more pictures

Also, two army paratroopers got blown into a tree during an exercise at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington on April 26. The fire department had bring out the ladders to get the guys down.

Photo via MSNBC's PhotoBlog

Fire crews called in after paratroopers get stuck in a tree

Friday, April 27, 2012

Amanda loves me! (Ok, she just linked to me)

Amanda loves me! (Ok....ok, she just linked to me...) Still-it's better than a restraining order!

I'm totally kidding...about the restraining order.

Since it's totally out in the open, I'll show some more of my Amanda + The Amandas + Clutter Prevention love!

As always, pictures are from The Amandas Facebook page

And I managed to get all my Amandas love in one place on the blog...which is here (The Amandas)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

grad school apps

Image from Pinterest, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory

I've been sooooo bad. Grad school apps stress me I took a break. I just couldn't do anymore. I only have about three left. And I have everything done on them but filling in the online forms. All the essays are written, teacher recommendations are's just the forms. But today is the day. They're all going to get done today. I'm feeling good about it!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Image from here
I feel like crap today. I think my horrible eating habits (for like a's been fast food) and stress level have finally caught up to me.

Plus I got "the look" from my doctor when I told her that I've been fairly sedentary and eating the big-mac diet.

these are soooo yummy. Fried cheese is never gross... except that it's technically gross for you

So, I hit up the grocery store, and the gym is happening tomorrow. I've got to get back to healthy! Plus my jeans were tight today. Uh-uh.

As a mini (so freaking mini) rant...I hate the food pyramid. And I'm glad the changed it. It always confused me for a hot second because it looks like this. But, (and maybe it's a "me" thing) in my head, the top is the part you strive for (strive up?) and not the bottom. But that's not how you're supposed to read the pyramid. Strive downwards. See...that doesn't even make me happy. Who strives down?

image from here

The plate is more visual. I can handle the plate. It makes total sense to me. Plus my doctor LOVES the plate. She can wax poetic on how easy this type of system is to explain to people (so I suppose I'm not the only food pyramid hater out there).

From Harvard Medical School's Website
She also loves My Food It costs moneys (30 cents a day) but I suppose it's not the end of the world. Basically she told me to start behaving myself. 

There is good news though! I got accepted into one of the universities I applied to! Yay! I have a future!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lyudmila Putin makes the news!

It's only Tuesday and my week has already been too much. I had the worst sinus headache of my life...I didn't even get out of bed (other than to make it to the medicine cabinet). So, I got nothing done.

I also had to get blood drawn for my yearly doctor's appointment and I hate needles. Really, really, really hate needles.

While in the waiting room, the news was blaring (really loud...way too loud for 7 AM-everything is too loud for 7 AM) and that's the only reason I heard the name "Putin". Obviously, since he's fascinating (and scary) for me, I actually woke up from my mini snooze session. They were talking about Mrs. Putin-she made the news! It's weirdly exciting since I just discovered her existence this year.

From the Huffington Post article

I searched the web and found an article that I'm going to link to via the Huffington Post. Because it says that  Putin has a private submarine. Seriously. A private submarine. Whaaaat? I mean sure, President Obama has Air Force One, and the Beast, and Marine One (all of which I know because of NCIS), but I feel like our President needs a submarine too. Why not?

It's also really interesting to me how the position of First Lady of the USA isn't the same as Russia. Politicians love to trot out the family when it's time to run for office or to get some support. And as much as I think the first lady's job is important, it's kinda nice that Russia doesn't do that. If that makes sense-it's probably nicer to not be in the limelight if your dad or mom is in politics.

Granted the article talks about love children, affairs, Mrs. P being shut in a monastery (no!) or pregnant. So who knows.

Huffington Post's article, Lyudmila Putina, Vladimir Putin's Wife, Missing From the Public Eye
The Moscow Post...which states she's pregnant (in Russian)

P.S. I LOVE this dress! It's going on my wish list.

It's Tahari (by Arthur s. Levine)-Stripe Cap Sleeve Dress, and it's at Nordstrom.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cool things from last week...

First off...I feel like I need to be friends with these people. I don't even need a back story.

via Texts From Last Night

This is how NASA transports the space shuttle. It's also the last flight of the Discovery space shuttle.

The Titanic has been all over the news because of the anniversary of the sinking of the ship. This was probably the coolest thing I've seen. The iceberg and the Titanic is huge!

Created by Gerry Hofstetter

An $87 million (yes MILLION) dollar house is going on the auction block...and I think that I could totally buy it if I lock everyone else out of the auction room and cut the phone lines so no one can phone in a bid. Totally realistic. I've got about...ummmm 25....dollars.

front doors

model of the house
It has 17 bathrooms, a vineyard, horse stables, and a lake. It's in California...and it's really beige. Seriously, it's empty and every room is beige.

But I suppose I could like beige...87 million dollars of beige.

Of course, my (haha) future beige palace pales in comparison to the most expensive house in the world. Which is about 1 billion or 2 billion. I'm not really sure. Of course, no one's living in that house according to the Daily Mail (which tends to give me a Daily Chuckle...)

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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Amandas organize a bathroom

Organizing my bath products tends to happen bi-monthly. Mostly because I ask for bath products as gifts for Christmas and my birthday and because I'm a drug-store bath product junkie.

Unfortunately my bathroom storage is next to nil. And the bathroom itself is really narrow. Luckily between the Amandas Facebook page and Pinterest...I've found some ideas!

The Amandas bathroom and makeup storage ideas:

from the Amandas Facebook page

via Pinterest

  1. door storage idea from
  2. in wall storage from
  3. drawer storage from This is Glamorous

via Pinterest

  1. in wall storage from
  2. under cabinet storage from
  3. in wall storage from



Update: Wow...I completely missed the fact that Amanda linked to this! Be still my heart! Since Amanda (and the rest of The Amandas) was nice enough to play down my crazy obsession with her...I'll mention that you can click the little tab under all this labeled "The Amandas" and see the rest of my love for her. Or click on Categories above...where she has her section.

And thank you Amanda for the love!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Budgeting for College...Applications

budgeting means putting my credit cards on lock down. sadness :( 

Before I started applying (or writing my essays) I looked up how much it was going to cost for me to actually submit an application. Mostly so I would know before I turned it in. And to get the shock out of the way first.

I estimated that each school was going to cost me about 100-200 (American) dollars. Which was super excessive with some schools and right on target with others. Whatever remained I split between my future college costs and my "congratulations/splurge account".

For instance...after completing five applications, I bought myself a new dress and a new belt and a coffee.

  1. Mossimo Crepe Dress with Cascade Ruffles. In blue, found at Target
  2. Skinny belt. I tried to put the teal one I had on their but oh well. In real life, it's teal...
  3. Nude pumps

After applications are all done (I've got a couple more) I'm going to start figuring out my future budget for college. Which might be slightly excessive. But I'd rather be incredibly prepared than broke and stuck. No matter where I end up going, I want to go exploring in the surrounding areas, shop, eat out with friends, party (although I can't drink) and live more or less comfy. So, budgeting is the way to go. 

While perusing Google images for student budgets and grad school budgets, budgets by countries, budgets for certain schools (it's going to be awhile on those budgets), I found an info-graphic that I love. I got a little snapshot but the entire info-graphic has a ton of information and is kinda scary. 

Via: Infographic called How Much Americans Save Annually

Apparently Americans spend more than 90% of their disposable income. That's scary. 

Perhaps I should add "budgeting the Chinese way" to my google search? 

Image Sources: 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Texts from Hillary

Is this old news? was all over Facebook but I still think it's kinda awesome. These two guys, named Adam and Stacy (who are communication specialists) created this Tumblr page (Texts from Hillary) which a bunch of meme's of Secretary Clinton and other various celebrities.

You don't have to be a Hillary fan to find it amusing, but I actually think she's a pretty cool lady. She even submitted her own meme. You can't beat that!

The original picture is from Time magazine. The photographer, Diana Walker, took the picture on a flight to Tripoli. The original pictures are linked in the Tumblr page.

President Bush, former Secretary Rice and Secretary Clinton

Secretary Clinton and (former) Representative Weiner. Remember that scandal? 

Mitt Romney and Secretary Clinton

Mark Zuckerburg (I think?)  and Secretary Clinton

her own submission to the site. 

I had to look up with a selfie was. I'm so technologically behind on the times. :( Oh well. 

  1. Texts from Hillary Tumblr page
  2. State of Cool article by the New York Times

Monday, April 16, 2012

beauty...on the cheap

I LOOOOOOVEEE Pinterest. Sure, I spend most of my time on the site convincing myself I have the domestic superpowers of Martha Stewart instead of admitting the fact that I get easily distracted and would probably NEVER finish that DIY earrings holder.

But I'm a step up from some of my friends. I have never set a toilet on fire (true story) nor I have burned the kitchen in the dormitory with easy mac (also true story...). In comparison, I'm a domestic genius!

But that's besides the point. So...favorite thing on Pinterest has to be the beauty pins. Which is how I happened upon the Real Simple website. Some of these aren't new to me (lemon in hair, sugar as a scrub) but some were super interesting, although I don't know if I could bring myself to slather my hand in cooking spray.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

God's serious about tennis

If you don't know of 22Words, you are so missing out. It's a ridiculously awesome site with the most random and cool things that they find. And it's updated daily! It makes the nerd in me happy.

I busted out laughing over this one (which going through the back archives).

 Source: 22 Words--Tennis player yells at God. God answers...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mini Cakes...part II

Instead of running out and buying a special mold for my future mini-cakes, I think I'm going to use cans. That's right...cans. I'm sure I can round some up between me, friends and family (it helps when you're the youngest girl in a large family).

I think this tutorial (Mini Cakes DIY) is the one I'm going to try, it's from Depending on how much frosting (I mean, how much is too much? I love frosting) I make, I'll probably frost all the way around and maybe only make them two layers...

And here's the other resource I found, same idea really. How to Bake Mini Cakes

Other options... using cupcake/muffin pans!

Caitlin, from the wedding chicks blog, created these with photo step-by-step instructions. Which was really nice of her. 

I don't know the original source for these so I'll just link to where I found it. How to make mini cakes from cupcakes

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mini Cakes...part I

I have a friend that is having a birthday party at the end of April, and somehow I signed myself up for dessert. I don't know how that happened because I'm pretty sure I wasn't even around when I got volunteered (thanks?)

Since I have to make dessert for thirty plus people I decided to go for the hardest thing I could possibly do. Mini-cakes. As in the at home/amateur version of this...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GCB (Good Christian Belles)

I think I watch way too much television. I don't mean to...I just go a bit crazy with the DVR. It tapes soooo much and then I watch it when I get a migraine or can't sleep. Which happens a lot unfortunately.

That doesn't really matter. I found a new show that I love. It's called GCB and it comes on ABC. I knew it was going to be amazing because it had Annie Potts (from Designing Women) and Kristen Chenoweth. And before it aired it courted controversy. Notice how it's G.C.B. and not Good Christian Bitches? It had to be re-titled to Good Christian Belles. There was a freak-out. Then Newt Gingrich had a hissy-fit.

Via Wikipedia

The plot-line starts with Amanda Vaughn, who was widowed by her ponzi-scheming husband, returning to Dallas. Amanda was a (really) mean girl in high school and when she hooks back up from the girls in Dallas, she realizes that they all hate her. Kristin Chenoweth plays Amanda's foil in Carlene Cockburn (I'm so not making that name up).
Bachelorette Party...the GCB way

So why GCB? You know those women...holier than thou but back stabbing and gossip mongering. No? Well, lucky you. I've met a couple and I can't stand them. But I do love Carlene Cockburn as one. The whole show is southern and over the top. And I love it.


Of course, some people (critics) don't like it at all. Usually I think critics are fairly useless when it comes to movies and TV. We never, ever, ever agree. But it seems to be more a certain type of critic. Fox News (via a "Southern Christian Woman" tied with Concerned Women for America-no idea who they are...and their webpage isn't loading) isn't too fond, CNN finds it to be stereotypical, Entertainment Weekly was more of a "meh" on the pilot episode, the Washington Post finds it to be stereotypical as well, skews away from it and just to round it up...Hollywood Reporter lists some more.

I think my sense of humor veers from theirs. And I'd rather be characterized (and stereo-typed) in this way than in the in-bred, hill-billy way. So if you want to get offended, I'd focus on that first. I'm southern (and christian) and not offended at all so I don't know why these guys and gals were.

You can decide for yourself of course. Here's the promo from youtube--and I'm sure you can find episodes on the web, itunes, abc's website...

Pictures from GCB's Facebook page


Good Christian Bitches Book (by Kim Gatlin) Webpage
Good Christian Belles (GCB) Wikipedia page
GCB IMSb page
GCB Promo YouTube Link
Interview with Marisol Nichols, who plays Heather
GCB's twitter page
ABC's GCB page
GCB's facebook page
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