Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cool things from last week...

First off...I feel like I need to be friends with these people. I don't even need a back story.

via Texts From Last Night

This is how NASA transports the space shuttle. It's also the last flight of the Discovery space shuttle.

The Titanic has been all over the news because of the anniversary of the sinking of the ship. This was probably the coolest thing I've seen. The iceberg and the Titanic is huge!

Created by Gerry Hofstetter

An $87 million (yes MILLION) dollar house is going on the auction block...and I think that I could totally buy it if I lock everyone else out of the auction room and cut the phone lines so no one can phone in a bid. Totally realistic. I've got about...ummmm 25....dollars.

front doors

model of the house
It has 17 bathrooms, a vineyard, horse stables, and a lake. It's in California...and it's really beige. Seriously, it's empty and every room is beige.

But I suppose I could like beige...87 million dollars of beige.

Of course, my (haha) future beige palace pales in comparison to the most expensive house in the world. Which is about 1 billion or 2 billion. I'm not really sure. Of course, no one's living in that house according to the Daily Mail (which tends to give me a Daily Chuckle...)

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