Friday, April 20, 2012

The Amandas organize a bathroom

Organizing my bath products tends to happen bi-monthly. Mostly because I ask for bath products as gifts for Christmas and my birthday and because I'm a drug-store bath product junkie.

Unfortunately my bathroom storage is next to nil. And the bathroom itself is really narrow. Luckily between the Amandas Facebook page and Pinterest...I've found some ideas!

The Amandas bathroom and makeup storage ideas:

from the Amandas Facebook page

via Pinterest

  1. door storage idea from
  2. in wall storage from
  3. drawer storage from This is Glamorous

via Pinterest

  1. in wall storage from
  2. under cabinet storage from
  3. in wall storage from



Update: Wow...I completely missed the fact that Amanda linked to this! Be still my heart! Since Amanda (and the rest of The Amandas) was nice enough to play down my crazy obsession with her...I'll mention that you can click the little tab under all this labeled "The Amandas" and see the rest of my love for her. Or click on Categories above...where she has her section.

And thank you Amanda for the love!

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