Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obama, Bieber and the Beach

Last year, my friends and I went to the beach. When we pulled up to the hotel we were shocked because there were an enormous number of tween girls. We booked our girls getaway weekend the same time as Justin Bieber (or one of those tween band things). Lucky us.

Yes...we totally hung a disco ball in our hotel room. It was fabulous!

When whoever the tween heart throb was left the arena, the girls went insane. You could hear them screaming from across the street. I don't know if you can see it from below...but that was the line of girls HOURS after the concert waiting for the tour bus to leave. That was the screaming you could hear from across the street, over the sound of the ocean, from the tenth floor (inside) the hotel. Crazy times.

So when I saw the title of this, I assumed it was the same. "Bieber or Obama? Schoolgirls go crazy". OBVIOUSLY it would be Bieber right?

Bieber fever right? 

Goodness. Was I wrong! President Obama. 

President Obama was going on a trip to Vermont and Maine. And visitors to the White House were waving  to him as he boarded Marine One.

Images (other than mine) are from MSNBC PhotoBlog's article entitled "Bieber or Obama? Schoolgirls go Crazy"
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