Friday, April 13, 2012

Mini Cakes...part II

Instead of running out and buying a special mold for my future mini-cakes, I think I'm going to use cans. That's right...cans. I'm sure I can round some up between me, friends and family (it helps when you're the youngest girl in a large family).

I think this tutorial (Mini Cakes DIY) is the one I'm going to try, it's from Depending on how much frosting (I mean, how much is too much? I love frosting) I make, I'll probably frost all the way around and maybe only make them two layers...

And here's the other resource I found, same idea really. How to Bake Mini Cakes

Other options... using cupcake/muffin pans!

Caitlin, from the wedding chicks blog, created these with photo step-by-step instructions. Which was really nice of her. 

I don't know the original source for these so I'll just link to where I found it. How to make mini cakes from cupcakes

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