Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GCB (Good Christian Belles)

I think I watch way too much television. I don't mean to...I just go a bit crazy with the DVR. It tapes soooo much and then I watch it when I get a migraine or can't sleep. Which happens a lot unfortunately.

That doesn't really matter. I found a new show that I love. It's called GCB and it comes on ABC. I knew it was going to be amazing because it had Annie Potts (from Designing Women) and Kristen Chenoweth. And before it aired it courted controversy. Notice how it's G.C.B. and not Good Christian Bitches? It had to be re-titled to Good Christian Belles. There was a freak-out. Then Newt Gingrich had a hissy-fit.

Via Wikipedia

The plot-line starts with Amanda Vaughn, who was widowed by her ponzi-scheming husband, returning to Dallas. Amanda was a (really) mean girl in high school and when she hooks back up from the girls in Dallas, she realizes that they all hate her. Kristin Chenoweth plays Amanda's foil in Carlene Cockburn (I'm so not making that name up).
Bachelorette Party...the GCB way

So why GCB? You know those women...holier than thou but back stabbing and gossip mongering. No? Well, lucky you. I've met a couple and I can't stand them. But I do love Carlene Cockburn as one. The whole show is southern and over the top. And I love it.


Of course, some people (critics) don't like it at all. Usually I think critics are fairly useless when it comes to movies and TV. We never, ever, ever agree. But it seems to be more a certain type of critic. Fox News (via a "Southern Christian Woman" tied with Concerned Women for America-no idea who they are...and their webpage isn't loading) isn't too fond, CNN finds it to be stereotypical, Entertainment Weekly was more of a "meh" on the pilot episode, the Washington Post finds it to be stereotypical as well, skews away from it and just to round it up...Hollywood Reporter lists some more.

I think my sense of humor veers from theirs. And I'd rather be characterized (and stereo-typed) in this way than in the in-bred, hill-billy way. So if you want to get offended, I'd focus on that first. I'm southern (and christian) and not offended at all so I don't know why these guys and gals were.

You can decide for yourself of course. Here's the promo from youtube--and I'm sure you can find episodes on the web, itunes, abc's website...

Pictures from GCB's Facebook page


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