Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Texts from Hillary

Is this old news? Sorry...it was all over Facebook but I still think it's kinda awesome. These two guys, named Adam and Stacy (who are communication specialists) created this Tumblr page (Texts from Hillary) which a bunch of meme's of Secretary Clinton and other various celebrities.

You don't have to be a Hillary fan to find it amusing, but I actually think she's a pretty cool lady. She even submitted her own meme. You can't beat that!

The original picture is from Time magazine. The photographer, Diana Walker, took the picture on a flight to Tripoli. The original pictures are linked in the Tumblr page.

President Bush, former Secretary Rice and Secretary Clinton

Secretary Clinton and (former) Representative Weiner. Remember that scandal? 

Mitt Romney and Secretary Clinton

Mark Zuckerburg (I think?)  and Secretary Clinton

her own submission to the site. 

I had to look up with a selfie was. I'm so technologically behind on the times. :( Oh well. 

  1. Texts from Hillary Tumblr page
  2. State of Cool article by the New York Times

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