Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lyudmila Putin makes the news!

It's only Tuesday and my week has already been too much. I had the worst sinus headache of my life...I didn't even get out of bed (other than to make it to the medicine cabinet). So, I got nothing done.

I also had to get blood drawn for my yearly doctor's appointment and I hate needles. Really, really, really hate needles.

While in the waiting room, the news was blaring (really loud...way too loud for 7 AM-everything is too loud for 7 AM) and that's the only reason I heard the name "Putin". Obviously, since he's fascinating (and scary) for me, I actually woke up from my mini snooze session. They were talking about Mrs. Putin-she made the news! It's weirdly exciting since I just discovered her existence this year.

From the Huffington Post article

I searched the web and found an article that I'm going to link to via the Huffington Post. Because it says that  Putin has a private submarine. Seriously. A private submarine. Whaaaat? I mean sure, President Obama has Air Force One, and the Beast, and Marine One (all of which I know because of NCIS), but I feel like our President needs a submarine too. Why not?

It's also really interesting to me how the position of First Lady of the USA isn't the same as Russia. Politicians love to trot out the family when it's time to run for office or to get some support. And as much as I think the first lady's job is important, it's kinda nice that Russia doesn't do that. If that makes sense-it's probably nicer to not be in the limelight if your dad or mom is in politics.

Granted the article talks about love children, affairs, Mrs. P being shut in a monastery (no!) or pregnant. So who knows.

Huffington Post's article, Lyudmila Putina, Vladimir Putin's Wife, Missing From the Public Eye
The Moscow Post...which states she's pregnant (in Russian)

P.S. I LOVE this dress! It's going on my wish list.

It's Tahari (by Arthur s. Levine)-Stripe Cap Sleeve Dress, and it's at Nordstrom.

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