Blogs I Adore

I'm a bit of a blog here's a list of the ones I read regularly and/or follow on Google Reader. I'll try and keep it updated!

Fun stuff: 

Twenty Two Words - cool stuff from around the web
Texts from Last Night - it's exactly what you think...relive your youth! Or, last night...
MSNBC's PhotoBlog- where photos that might not make the front page can end up. Always a neat thing there


All In My Twenties - one of my daily reads!
Confessions of a 20 something - This girl looks (and loves) Carrie Underwood, plus she's a total sweetie.
Dutchess Roz - A beauty, fashion blog in London. She has great makeup info and reviews
The Bargain Blonde - a fashionista who's also a bargain queen.
Discovering Beauty - a makeup blog
Dear Darling - hair and makeup, plus tutorials
West Sac Honey - cute blog, and she has the cutest puppy
The Beauty Department - Lauren Conrad and her friends' blog on beauty, hair and accessories (with tutorials)
Ciao Bella - beauty, fashion blog with lots of great pictures
The Bloggess - still haven't stopped laughing about Beyonce the big metal chicken


Pink Martinis and Pearls - cooking/baking with great photos
Belle Maison - Pictures of beautiful homes from an interior designer
Centsational Girl - great DIY tutorials and ideas for the home
This is Glamorous - a bit of everything, fashion, home, food, travel photography, but all really pretty

Obviously I'm not a computer expert...I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time. To be honest, it's amazing that this blog isn't as much of a hot mess as it could be. That's mostly thanks to the blog/websites below where I got some guided help on what to do/ideas on blog design. Hopefully you can find them helpful as well!

Seven Thirty Three- Creativity Abounds Here
Makin' Cute Blogs
Jenieesign Challenge
Sneaky Momma Blog Design
Kevin & Amanda
Amy Lynn Andrews
Serenity Now

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