About Me

Hi! I'm Merry

I grew up in the Southern part of the United States (the "deep" south, or the cotton states according to Wikipedia)
the "deep" south

I went to a not-very-southern university and double majored in art history and humanities. My dad likes to tell people it was because I didn't plan on working (he's a mathematician). Luckily (not! Total sarcasm) for me, the economy went poo-ey as soon as I graduated so I moved back south to figure out my life plan. The life plan involved graduate school-so we'll see how that goes!

my kitty, Tara

This blog is my little journal of my life. I have an unhealthy obsession with television shows, I LOVE to read, and I listen to a ridiculousness number of pod-casts.

in Savannah

Goodness knows what will find it's way onto the blog, but hopefully it's not an epic disaster. I know Vladimir Putin will make an appearance...He's terrifying...and super interesting. I'm southern-so I love cooking (not quite Paula Deen butter level) and makeup/hair and clothes/shoes. 

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