I wasn't sure how to label this stuff. But it's the random things I find on the web that get tacked on my blog. From How they transport animals in wild reserves to what the Titanic looks like now. Anyhow...I just tagged them as "Do You Ever Wonder", which kinda works (maybe?).

Do You Ever Wonder

Did I mention I have a weird scared-to-death-love of Vladimir Putin? I can't explain it. I find him fascinating. My friends from Russia think I'm nuts. Somehow he pops up here...

Vladimir Putin

I also have a slight obsession (okay, total girl-crush) on The Amandas. Which is a show on Style Network, and a group of professional organizers in Birmingham, Alabama (known as the Clutter Prevention). I want to be Amanda when I grow up.

The Amandas

At the moment, my only other category with any substance would be my college application/search/budgeting posts. Which, upon reflection, is mostly me whining about filling in applications. Sorry about that...

Grad School

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