Sunday, April 8, 2012

White House Easter Egg Roll

The fun thing about the government being on Facebook (there is a fun thing about the government) is that they publish photos.

In time for Easter, the White House's Facebook page has pictures of the White House Easter Egg Roll (Historically). Plus a few facts--- For instance, President Rutherford B. Hayes started the Easter Egg Roll in 1878

Easter Egg Roll of 1898. Check out that hat!
Easter Egg Roll of 1903.

The Easter Egg Roll was canceled from 1917-1920 (another fact on the White House Facebook page) because World War I was going on. It was also canceled during 1943-45 because of World War II (and all the rationing).

Easter Egg Roll in the 1920s
Easter Egg Roll of 1939. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt is on the right
Easter Egg Roll of 1956. 
Easter Egg Roll of 2012. How cute are these kids!
I hope everyone had a Happy Easter, start of Passover, or weekend in general. 

Photos are from the White House (Photo) Page on Facebook. If you do follow the link, try and ignore some of the more ridiculous comments. Apparently anyone can get access to FB now- oh well.

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