Friday, March 9, 2012

First grad school app done plus more organizing/cleaning

So I officially (sort of) turned in my first ever grad school application! Yay!! The sort of was because I learned that my uploading skills are quite....uh...

Well, lets just say that this weekend I might plead for some of my more tech-savvy friends to explain how to alter PDFs in case I re-upload. You see, I can make them. I just don't know how to fix them.

One thing that completely confused me was the fact that I had to upload a picture for the application committee to look at. Because my passport photo looks like all sorts of hot messes I went up to CVS and got them to take another photo. They swore up and down (well, it was mostly half-assed promises) that it would be the perfect size. It wasn't. But luckily I found the "re-size" button on my computer (I got them to give it to me on a disk). Go me.

I turned in ALL my documents. Congratulated myself on not being a procrastinator (ok, not turning it in the day it was due). And then I checked my email. They had extended the deadline. I view this as divine intervention. It makes me even less of a procrastinator. Fabulous!

Tonight I'm going to chill out at home. I'm actually looking forward to it because I told all my friends and family that I was going to spending Friday night yelling at my computer and crying over my application. But since it's done I'm going to catch up on trashy TV shows and eat bad food.

Of course, this weekend is a different matter. I have to hit up the front hallway. Majorly clean that up. The house I'm living in hasn't been deep cleaned in years. At least seven. It's nasty. Well, perhaps that's not's clean for two guys (hi daddy and brother!) but it's making my eyes twitch living here among their version of "clean".

I'm thanking all sorts of heavens that my front hallway does NOT look like this. I mean...could you imagine cleaning it? Ick.
Candy Spelling's house in Beverly Hills

I am going to have to convert the front hall closet into dish storage. My mom has all sorts of dishes for the holidays. She would hit up Tuesday Mornings and get the cutest things. So my chore this weekend is to organize them and label them in some form of order. 

I've got a ton of dish storage thingys that look like this
So we'll see how it goes. I'm shooting for this level or organized...except contained in those dish storage containers. 

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