Monday, March 12, 2012

Beautiful Hair Ornaments

I first saw some on this blog, then even more when I went out to meet a friend for lunch. A lot of ladies had some form of sparkle or flower in their hair. To be honest, I haven't worked anything sparkle related in my hair since prom. But I do love things that sparkle!

The goal is to be able to pull it off without looking young (in an immature way). So this is what I found when I looked

The Beauty Department, Lauren Conrad and her friends' site, has a really cute idea

from here

Zappos sells a bejeweled headband

Urban Outfitters has a headband and hair comb for a more understated glitz

The Rodarte hair accessory is a bit intense but still pretty cool. I don't think you can buy them because they were created in-house but this blog has done a DIY on them. 

Simple hair pins with peals attached

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