Monday, March 5, 2012

New Hair?

I think I need a new hairstyle or even color. I'm always envious of the girls that have cute hair. My hair is super thick. And if I do nothing to to it (other than brushing, I do brush my hair y'all) it's just wavy.

I tried the sock bun after watching youtube videos and my hair just got wavier...with no curls. If I want to curl my takes heat and looooooooots of hairspray. I'm probably single handedly causing the hole in the ozone layer.

As for color...I always stick in the brunette shades. I've gone really, really dark with red highlights and now really light brown. My poor hair stylist, Lacey, never knows what idea I'm going to bring to her. I've told her I wanted a mahogany color (yes...wood. I pointed to the front desk when I told her). And I've also brought her in a picture of Drew Barrymore (blonde Drew) and said "I want this...but not this".

this Drew pic

I'm thinking Adele hair...but (poor Lacey) not Adele hair.

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