Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Amandas did NeNe's closet

Y'all know who NeNe is right? NeNe Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta (yes...I totally watch that one too...).

Anyways-Amanda LeBlanc and her Amandas (and Dustin of course) re-designed NeNe's closet on this week's episode. It's a drool worthy closet and I want to move in. stat. NeNe has so many drool worthy things plus I love her sassy self. Since the episode was last night, there haven't been a ton of new pics on the internet, but here's what I did find

From The Amandas Facebook page

Extra super fun links (no...seriously):

  • Another Real Housewife of Atlanta's closet...Marlo Hampton-I'm super jealous! 
  • The Amandas Facebook page which has lots of fun pictures, ideas and also where you can buy the pink bag that all the girls use (its their total tool kit + Amanda approved organizing and design supplies). You can also go shopping in the Amandas store. That's right...there's a store. With fabulous, beautiful, organized things. I adore her. 
  • These ladies got to meet Amanda and talk with her a bit. Here's that blog post.

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