Wednesday, March 28, 2012

still doing applications but I found my perfect job!

I think the first step (as in the first weeding out session) of college graduate applications is to send in the application packet. So far I've had to hunt through about ten pages of this one particular college website to find what needs to go in. I still have no clue, but they're just going to get everything I've got. And hopefully I've covered it.

I did find my absolute perfect job. I would be so freaking good at it. In fact...I'd be the top dog at this profession.

Professional Hotel test sleeper. I'd sleep the crap out of those hotel beds! Hire me, please!

Ms. Zhuang (a professional Hotel Test Sleeper for Qunar) tests out a bed at a business chain hotel
Checking the bed

Pictures from MSNBC Photo Blog of "Hotel Test Sleeper"

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