Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two Story Closet

I know I posted a picture of a two story closet before, but I recently saw a new one on Million Dollar Rooms on HGTV. 

The video is linked in here, and I SO suggest you watch it. The pictures don't even come close!

It's a 5 Million Dollar--let me repeat that--FIVE MILLION DOLLARS, two story closet. It's in the Texas  (Dallas) mansion, named Champ d'Or, and the closet belongs to Shirley Goldfield. She was inspired by Chanel, with 18K gold doorknobs, a custom made $30,000 chandelier and a $10,000 rug.; the Chanel rug
from the Daily Mail
The second story is used for out of season storage. 

From Sanity Fair
From The Celebrity Home

And if you have 35 million to spare, Champ d'Or is for sale. It's 120 acres, and the house is 35,000 square feet. It's based off Vaux-le-Vicomte. And if you do have 35 million to spare...we need to be friends. stat! The Daily Mail says the price is now 10.3 Million. I still want to be friends with you even for 10 million!

But ready for the nasty little part of this story...this house has "allegedly" never been lived in. SERIOUSLY? I'd move into the closet alone and be happy. 

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