Thursday, June 14, 2012

People you might not expect on Twitter

image from the Official Twitter Blog

Twitter confounds me.

Honestly. It really does. I get everything about it except why it's popular. I don't mean that in any disrespectful way. I just honestly don't think that anyone would be that interested in frequent updates on my life. So I figure it's probably lucky for everyone on Twitter that I'm not bore them mercilessly.

Did you know the infamous Rupert Murdoch (newspaper magnet, and News Corp scandal creator) is on it. That's right. He can wreck a murder investigation, hire the same blonde haired FOX reporters (they all look alike right?), pick up new wives like his green card and still have a reason to twat on twitter. I can't even be bothered to check bookface regularly.

Know who else is on Twitter? The Queen of England...who's witty gem that popped up is "sloshed". Ok, just kidding. Although since I really haven't grown up with QEII...I have nothing to go on other than I feel the Queen probably does like gin.

Queen Rania. 

Sure, you might like Kate whatsherface in England...and I suppose I shouldn't groan every time I see her horrid raccoon eyeliner since there's a good chance I'm going to the UK for school (seriously Kate...stop with the eyeliner abuse). But Queen Rania is the shiz-nit.

Plus she has great hair, does tons of charity work and is a great ambassador for Jordan.

Dalai Lama

I'm not sure if the Dalai Lama actually tweets himself, he's probably pretty busy. But he does hang out with Richard maybe Tweeting is his thing? His page has really lovely thoughts and proverbs.

The Pope

Yes, that pope (Benedict XVI). I guess when his holiness can spout out 140 characters I shouldn't find it that hard to attempt it. But he also gets Armani slippers. If Armani gives me slippers I could probably find the energy to think of witty things to say as well.

I'm only really kidding. It's pretty smart of the Pope/Vatican to create a twitter account. Great marketing, and easy to reach your base. And his tweets are in the same line as the Dalai Lama, comforting and lovely really.

I learned all this from an article on CNN's website titled "The Pope's on Twitter? 10 unlikely tweeters". It mentions Stan Lee (of superhero fame), Don Rickles, Cher (yes...Cher. Legit and everything.) and Hugh Hefner.

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