Monday, June 11, 2012

Southern Hair

I'm not even going to lie. I am super, SUPER excited about the fact that they're re-making Dallas (the TV show). Since GCB went off the air...I need a southern guilty pleasure!

With BIG hair, and big attitude and lots of  "bless your hearts".

Speaking of big hair...the first time I went to NYC, a lady stopped me and told me she knew I was southern because of my hair. I was a bit nonplussed because it wasn't even that big at the time.

Designing Women southern hair via Secrets of A Belle blog

I'll admit, I'm fairly lazy when it comes to my hair. Messing with my straightening iron or curling iron or even teasing in the morning seems like a total cut into my sleeping time.

If I'm going to spend any time on my hair, that doesn't involve ponytales or just a simple brush through, I usually just put in curlers and let them sit for about twenty minutes. With tons of hair spray. Of course.

It's not that I can't pouf or tease my hair. I'm pretty good at that. It's just something I think you learn to do in the south. And honestly, when I hang out with other southern women, I tend to southern-fy my hair more than I would if I hang out with other (non-southern) people.

Southern hair tends to be big. Teased. High (so you're closer to God of course!) and did I mention...BIG?

1. Big Southern hair from BlogCritics
2. Carrie Underwood hair from  Wedding by Color blog
3. Jessica Simpson pouf, image from Thoughtful Spot blog
4. Reese Witherspoon hair  (high, poufy pony!), from Recession is the New Blonde
5. Image from Extraordinary Hair by Jaclyn Beith

But lets discuss Texas hair...specifically Dallas. My auntie lives in Dallas and she's a total hoot. She has pretty red curly hair that always made me jealous when I was younger. I wanted red hair so bad! Especially curly red hair. Alas, I was born with brown, straight hair. Boo.

I asked her if they were filming the show Dallas in the city Dallas but she didn't know, so I can't get any inside gossip. I'll just have to wait until it shows this week. So excited!

I'll leave you with "Dallas" hair from Miss Texas and her hairstylist. Fabulous! I didn't even think about spraying down the comb/brush and putting it in the hair that way. I've been creating a hair-spray haze over my hair when it's time to set it. Whoops?

Miss Texas (Ashley Melnick) and her hair stylist Jessica Weckherlin

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