Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grad School Wardrobe

I've been in a panic.

Not because I'm moving

Or because I'm going to be paying for school, while living abroad, on a part-time salary.

Or even because I know absolutely NO one where I'm going.

Nope. It's because I have no cold weather clothes and have no idea how to pack up my closet.

Yup. My priorities are in the right place (my closet).

Since I'm from the south, I'm used to muggy weather and lots of Lilly.

Lilly Eryn dress

I don't even own a heavy coat...and snow is not something that happens. Do you know what happens in the UK? It snows! It gets cold! Goodness!

So, in my blind panic, I've been trying to find the essentials to my wardrobe. I had a basic list until I realized that it was more... "American" style wardrobe...and still southern. (10+ dresses? Why, of course!).

Plus, in theory, a graduate school wardrobe should be slightly more professional (in the business sector at least) than an undergraduate. So I suppose my sparkly heels will have to stay behind. Boo.

So I googled British packing list and somehow got on THIS site...which talks about the difference between British and American style, plus guides for all sorts of regions around the world. Things I've learned...I have NO idea what a "festival" look is, but if it's anything like coachella fashions...I'll pass (on that style).

They have a master archival section about wardrobe + packing for studying abroad, as well as specific sections, thank the lord.

image from College Fashion. net

I'm going to have to learn to layer. And find a coat. Like, a real heavy duty coat. And sensible shoes. 6-inch heels while walking around the city is not happening.

I'm thinking of bringing the basics and buying the coat over there. That makes sense right? And cold weather stuff over there too. Because I'd have to order that anyways.

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