Monday, June 18, 2012

Pretty Little Liars is back on!

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I love this show...not always the clothes. But I love the hair and makeup. Plus the crazy story-line. I about died when Mona finally talked!

I have to fast-forward when Aria and Ezra do their thing. I know he's no longer her teacher but nothing about that relationship is okay. At all. And I've yet to meet a guy who's college/post-college that was actually interested in a high school girl. Okay, there was one I did know about. And he was arrested. So let that be a lesson ladies, creepers are creepers. And if you're under the age of 18...there's no reason to play with your teacher. Ever.

It's also probably not really that great if you're over 18. I wouldn't know. It wasn't my thing.

this is what I'm talking about. Is that a swimsuit? A bra? 
Luckily, the ladies at Go Fug Yourself. com usually have some fantastic recaps of the fashions. That I usually miss. I missed that top that Hannah was wearing until it showed up on their site. Who lets their high school daughter out of the house like that. It's all sorts of wrong.  Which is sad, because I actually usually like Hannah's wardrobe but not this piece.

I'm dying to know who "A" is going to be. The mastermind person at least. I know who "A" is in the books, but I kinda hope they change it up a tad for the TV show, although it's really good and I spend half my time in suspense.

Screencaps are from, the post about episode 3-1

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