Sunday, June 17, 2012

Want to know what it looks like crossing Niagara Falls?

It's scary. Scary, scary, scary.

Granted, I'm not a daredevil. And heights make me a tad bit nervous.

THIS guy crossed Niagara 
But I digress, Nik Wallenda crossed the Niagara Falls this past Friday. Going from the USA side to the Canadian side in about half an hour. He's from a family that's particularly famous  for walking tightropes and performing acts for Ringling Brothers Circus that would make me ill to even see.

He had to get permission from that state assembly in order to do it (as well as from Canada), wear safety gear, and have a safety team in place. Craaaaaazy.

The most interesting thing I learned from all this was that only 12 people have attempted to even cross the Falls, while one person died during the crossing. I would have thought that number would be much higher...because there's a lot of crazy in this world.


P.S. that cable was only two inches wide. Uh-uh. Nope. Never ever.

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