Sunday, May 6, 2012

What a Supermoon looks like

Last night there was a supermoon. I had never heard of a supermoon so I skipped outside around ten at night to see this phenom. I had two problems of course, lots of trees (we like in an area surrounded by Canopy roads/neighborhoods) and apparently the actual area where i live. The moon was bigger of course, but nothing like some of the area photos that popped up on the news today. Oh well. It was still pretty cool.

Supermoon over Athens, Greece (Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion)

I wanted to work for NASA when I was younger, I had TONS of magazines and books about space, stars, black holes. I found the entire thing to be thrilling. And then I thought about the fact that when an astronaut goes out into space, he/she can look out to the left and right and above and see for such a long distance...but that same thought applies to below. Because there's not really ground in space. And that freaked me out and that was pretty much it for my space dreams. Weird right? I can't explain my bizarre thoughts.

Cairo, Egypt (Mohamed Ali Mosque), with the supermoon behind the minaret

NASA's  YouTube page explains that a supermoon is officially called a perigee moon. In this case the moon was 14% larger and about 30% brighter. Got it. Big and shiney.

Also, for those recovering from margaritas or mint julies...Cinco de Derby is over (sadness) and the horse, I'll Have Another, won the 138th Kentucky Derby. It was kinda a neat nod to the day because the winning jockey is from Mexico. Cinco de Derby indeed!

I'll Have Another and winning jockey Mario Gutierrez

Images from

Supermoon rises around the world, MSNBC's Photoblog
I'll Have Another wins 138th Kentucky Derby, MSNBC's Photoblog

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