Sunday, May 20, 2012

Did you ever wonder...what world leaders do on their break time?

It's not that soccer/football/fut-ball/etc. isn't popular in the USA. I have guy friends who are devoted lovers (mostly of German football).

Hopefully the pic doesn't offend. But it does make me giggle.

The first time I ever experienced football (soccer) like the rest of the world was when i was in England. I was in high school, and our high school trip was to Europe. So we were walking down some road near Trafalgar Square in London, everything was quiet and peaceful and quite pretty. Then BAM--doors open, people are screaming. Complete chaos.

Now, growing up in America I assumed that something disastrous had happened and every (semi-drunk) British man had been called to arms. Like, the queen (bless her) had died. The country had run out of fish and chips, France had invaded or...someone dumped tea into the harbor (again). I wasn't sure...but obviously it was bad right?

So, while still horrified, my friends and I stopped in the sidewalk because this hoard of British men were coming near us. Our teachers and school supervisors were a bit panicked because there were 40+ students and this melee was coming our way. Our Italian bodyguard/tour guide just shrugged.

A couple of us got picked up and carried to the actual square and all I remember is being put on a fountain/lion/thingy, while a once civilized country went to pot.

Original map from
Eventually, our Italian guide saunters up, grinning and points to us and says to the British guys around us. "Eh...Americans".

The Brits all nodded and helped us down and waved us on back to our hotel. Which is where we learned that England had won a game in the world cup.

This was the trip where I learned that there was a world cup. And that soccer men take their shirts off (not as much anymore). And that the rest of the world is way into soccer. Waaaaay into it.

Which leads me to this pic...some world leaders watched a game between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. I know Bayern Munich is in Germany because I know enough German people who love this team. And google said Chelsea is English. And that's all I give a pootey-toot about.

David Cameron, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and Jose Manuel Barroso watch at Camp David


MSNBC PhotoBlog's article "Leaders take time out from G8 to watch shootout in Champions League Final"

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