Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I totally had a nail success last night. Go me!

That's kinda a crappy picture, but for the love of me...I cannot find my camera cord. So I totally cheated and used my webcam (no flash) and lightened it in PicMonkey. Which is my new found love until I figure out the Photoshop program I stole from my dad's computer.

It's the gradient/dip-dye/ombre stain nail technique I mentioned yesterday. I totally used old nail polish (from like...middle school) that I probably should  have thrown out and two contrasting colors (pink and dark blue).

up close
I was so proud of myself I thought I'd share!

AND I finished paying my application fees (no thanks to farmville...which I'm feeling unnecessary annoyance at).

Today is also my birthday, so I've been cooking dinner because my family is coming over tonight for a family dinner. So I'll just leave with some pretty pictures (and protest pictures, that's all over the news here. Occupy and Bin-Laden/Seal Team 6).


The Situation Room pic...

Links/Image Sources:

Occupy Protesters rally in London and New York on May Day
Bin Laden take-down picture
May Day Celebrations in Thailand

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