Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to get a Tiger to the dentist

I've never actually thought about dental care in association with a zoo...but it makes perfect sense. That being said...poor kitty!

Tiger getting a root canal via MSNBC

The tiger lives at the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama (USA). And during a routine medical exam, they discovered his tooth had been broken, so they vets their decided that in order to save the tooth, a root canal was needed. Ouch!

operation, headed by Dr. Gaddis via

The tiger, whose name is Kumar, is 13 years old and is 235 pounds. He's a Malayan tiger, which is an endangered species.

closeup of the operation from


  1. MSNBC's PhotoBlog Birmingham Zoo's Kumar the Tiger gets a root canal
  2. Birmingham Zoo's Malayan tiger gets root canal, slide show and video from; also has a little information on dental care for zoo animals, Dr. Gaddis's other zoo operations and an article
  3. Malayan Tiger information from Wikipedia

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