Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Make Mint Juleps


That's right...two holidays but only one day (somehow I feel like I'm getting jipped). I'm not sure what to celebrate but since I'm in a southern town that's filled with college students who are mostly Hispanic (than southern)...I'll probably be getting some Mexican food tonight. 

from Kentucky Parties

But my favorite holiday is Derby day (technically not an official holiday). Sure...I kinda zone out when the horses run..mostly because I'm not a massive horse fan. But I love the hats, the dresses and the mint juleps. 

I don't drink anymore because alcohol can trigger the most painful migraines I've ever had. But the first time I had a mint julep-I fell in love. It was possibly the best drink ever. My friend and I drank them all night long and thought they were the yummiest and weakest drink on the planet. 

from Mint Julep recipe from

We learned our lesson. I walked into a door and she fell down somewhere (after three of them). So word to the wise...yummy and strong. We also started calling them mint julies. Actually typing juleps and not julies has been hard.

Anyways, the whole point of my posting on Saturday (the most holy day of rest and relaxation!) was because I read an article (news junkie me!) that said that people should skip mint juleps because they're a pain to make. The only places I can't get a mint julep was this bar called mint julep in Orlando (and some random places in NYC who didn't understand and kept giving me a mojito). Skipping mint juleps on derby day is a sin y'all. Uh-uh. No. 

Sure, there's a super proper way to make it, but if I (art history major) and my friend (finance) can figure out simple syrup + bourbon (Kentucky) + mint while doing out hair and make-up...then really...there's no excuse. 

So, just in case you've not grown up in a southern house that watches the Derby, drinks Mint Juleps, and blesses hearts (especially yours Mint-Juleps-in-Orlando-that-doesn't-make-MINT-JULEPS) are some easy recipes. 

1.) Take a shot of Kentucky bourbon. Realize how yummy bourbon is. Realize your daddy has neglected to mention how yummy bourbon is. 
2) Cover mint leaves with small amount of bourbon. Start the eye makeup and remind your friend that there's a shoe-sale going on at the mall. 
3) Go back to the kitchen and mix equal parts water and sugar (ie...make sugar water). Realize it's supposed to be about one cup of each. But know you'll get distracted talking about the hot bartender that looks like Ashley from Gone with the Wind. Remember you've left said mixture on the stove. After sugar dissolves (and you've stirred gosh darn it) turn off the heat. 
4) Finish dressing and shoes and makeup. Talk about the crazy students in your art history class that don't really think shampoo is necessary. 
5) Somehow mix sugar water, bourbon and mint stuff together. Realize you've added more bourbon than your aunt told you to add. Do your hair (the higher to god the better) and realize bourbon is weak and you'll be fine. Have another glass. 
6) Avoid glass doors...they are tricky little things. 

Obviously this is not the correct way to make mint julies. Or any sacred southern drink. But forgive my attempt. The bartender was really hot. REALLY hot.

For more "correct" ways to do it, here are some basic ones. 

And don't hold your breath hoping for a mint julie at misnomered Mint Juleps in Orlando. It will only break your heart. Bless their hearts. 

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