Monday, May 21, 2012

Seriously?! Ashwarya Rai just had a baby for heaven's sake

So...I totally got into Bollywood this past week. I love Netflix for this reason, there's a bunch of Bollywood movies on the Instant Stream and the last one I watched was called Aisha

from Aum Aparna
It was cute (which I think was what it was going for). It reminded me of Clueless/Emma. It was a great girls night in movie. 

That's not really important, I just thought I'd share the movie I watched. My Indian film oeuvre is pretty bare but I do know who Ashwarya Rai is (more or less). It sorta hit the news (not really the American press as much) that since she had her baby, she hasn't gone back to this perfect pre-baby body. And there's this website that's being mean to her about it. Seriously? She had a freaking BABY. What is wrong with those people?!
Ashwarya Rai, pre-baby from Daily Mail
I get that it's her "job" to be glamours, but not everyone is superhuman like Victoria Beckham. And lord, I couldn't do any of that to save my life. I like snickers bars too much. 

Here's the pic that everyone is commenting on. 
from the Daily Mail

It looks like she just had a baby and is getting situated in the car right? It's not the best picture of her, but she doesn't look bad or like a cow. 

Well, strike Bollywood actress of my job list. I couldn't handle Indian media or the pressure. Lord!

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