Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the catchiest song in the world (one direction)

I have some younger tween cousins...which is the ONLY reason I know who's "in" on the music scene. Since they're all planning on being the future Mrs. Justin Bieber, I was confused when one of them sent me this song and told me she wanted to marry the Irish one and since I was looking at universities in Ireland and the UK, I should keep a look out for him. They're called One Direction btw, and the song she sent me is What makes You Beautiful (hopefully I can post the video below).

That's right, I'm being sent to school by my 14 year old cousin to stalk a boy for her and smuggle his cute little butt back to America. Illegal much? (sidenote: Dear FBI, US Customs, CIA, TSA and god knows what other three letter agency I'm forgetting...I'm not going to do that. Because it's wrong. And I'm not sure how to get him through the x-ray machines...and it's wrong.)

Anyways, this song is on every freaking radio station and is possibly the catchiest song in the world right now. Plus, its sweet. And they are adorable.

I'm going to go try and get this song out of my head, but awesome fact of the day, The Amandas are having a contest for a closet makeover. Be still my heart!  It ends on May 30th and if you want to enter, the information is on The Amandas Facebook page.

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