Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grad School (sorta panicky) Blues

So I must be crazy because I thought writing my college application essays would take me around a month. It's been two months and I've only written four essays. I can't decide if I have a ridiculous amount of faith in my abilities or I've misjudged the time it takes to turn in graduate school applications. Well, ok, I know which one it is. These essays are hard.

For example, one school wants me to explain all my activities in about 100 characters are less. Including spaces. I've re-written it about five times because I'm absolutely terrified that it sounds like a very boring, bullet  list of things I've managed to to join and do. I still think it's a hacket job but the deadline is looming and I really can't justify writing it again and again.

And I haven't even started on teacher recommendations (that's tonight...and after that...I'll sit in the corner and cry).

What's really depressing (and to be honest, incredibly annoying) are these people on grad school messaging boards or business school messaging boards that leave messages along the lines of:

  • "oh? you only scored above that on the GMAT? Well, I did around 750 and I'm on Harvard's waiting list"
  • "Maybe you should consider taking the GMAT again...and hope to score 400 points higher"
  • "You still have a social life?'re doing something wrong"
  • "All my essays are in, plus I'm working two full time jobs...what have you been doing with your time?"

Who are these people? I mean, I'm going to assume they are pretty smart (if those scores are true) but eye twitches when I read their responses. There are nice people on the boards as well, and I did learn a lot (for instance, how I didn't actually want an MBA). 

Oh well, I'll get it together and hopefully get into a lovely school. Eek!

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