Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Spring Colors

So as I was wandering around Target (I swear...I was only going for one thing) I passed by the magazine Vanity Fair and stopped dead. The colors were gorgeous.

The whole pull out continues the Hollywood vibe

Aesthetically, it's really stunning. I love every single one of those dresses! To be fair, Vanity Fair usually gets in trouble with this particular issue (The Hollywood issue) because it tends to be overwhelming "white" but I'm not going to comment on that at all.

When I got I flipped through and saw the Louis Vuitton adverts had the same color scheme. I was surprised because the last couple of cycles, their ads were much darker (gloomy and nature-y). See, here are the new ones with some of the old for comparison.


Most of the time I could care less what the hottest colors are, the new fads, the haute couture leanings. I tend to wear the same wardrobe for the majority of the seasons because it's the south-it's hot, it's muggy, and wearing all black (for instance) would have people showing up on my doorstep with a bereavement casserole. I was tickled at the Spring 2012 fashions because the colors are the same colors as my closet. I freaking LOVE pastels and I own every shade of pink possible. 

Elie Saab's 2012 runway show was gorgeous as well, with such pretty colors (granted, I'm partial...look at that fabric! LOVE!)
what? you don't wear a wedding dress grocery shopping?
well, you're missing out

Unforgivably, no one gave Givenchy the heads up 
what the hell?

Jean Paul Gaultier went for the colors in the hair...or he has a cotton candy addiction. Not exactly sure which. 
oh dear...moldy cotton candy
Valentino had some pretty colors as well

I was feeling pretty fashion-competent after realizing my closet houses the correct colors until I saw this article...

What? Seriously...what? How? I haven't had overalls since a farmers party freshman year of college (don't judge me...I LOVE a themed party!). I guess I'm not going to do to well with this fashion icon status after all. 

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