Saturday, February 25, 2012

Organizing Junkie (The Amandas)

I have a total girl crush on this woman - Her name is Amanda, and she's an organizational DIVA.

And she does it all in heels and the cutest dresses you've ever seen (because you perform better when you're dressed for the part, in my honest opinion...well, and hers too).
look at those shoes!
She runs a company in Birmingham Alabama called  Clutter Prescription (I think at least? Or it might just be called The Amandas. I only caught a brief glimpse on the TV). That's right, she's a (really good and fancy) professional organizer.

I'm not as organized as her in my life right now (but I would love to be!) but I do have some of the same tendencies she does, just not on the same level. Amanda is perhaps a little OCD-but that only helps her in her job. She also has a team of organizers-all decked out looking fabulous that help her on every project.

And here are some of her finished projects (from her website seriously need her to re-do my whole life!

Amanda Le Blanc and her team have a show on The Style Network called "The Amandas" and it comes on Monday nights if you haven't had a chance to catch an episode yet.

Here's a lovely article from a lady who had friends appear on the show "The Amandas: 6 Degrees of Separation on Reality TV"

Some more pictures...just because they're so wonderfully organized!

Amanda works with (or for) Freedom Rail and she has a youtube video which I'll put up too. Mostly because I need inspiration because my closet looks like a tornado hit it. 

The Amandas also have Facebook and Twitter if you want to check out more of their stuff. And I swear no one is asking me to talk about her or her show. It's just my girl crush and insane weirdness of putting all information I find out there. 

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