Friday, February 17, 2012

BB Creams

I'm a total skin care junkie. My goal is to be the hottest thing in the retirement home (only half joking). I don't tan, my skin care regime is about six steps and I'm always looking for the new (and best) thing.

Which leads me to BB (Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm) Creams. I started looking through them right when Garnier launched it's version, in a fairly reasonably price range as well. So of course, I ran out and got it.

But I had a problem. There were only two options for color: light/medium and medium/dark. Being the pasty pale person I am, I went with light/medium.

Which was too dark. Way too dark. Oh well.

Plus, I couldn't quite figure out what it was. It seemed to be a primer or a tinted moisturizer or something between primer and foundation. Maybe all three? It didn't really give me enough coverage or miraculously even out my skin tone (which is fairly even anyways). It did an okay job as a tinted moisturizer (albeit I was a shade orange-y after I applied it). So it'll end up in my make up tray for spring/summer use.

Since I desperately did want to try a BB Cream, I moseyed on down to Target. Target it a bad place for me to go because it takes a huge chunk out of my wallet every time. I don't even know how...I'll walk in with one purpose (in this case...BB Cream) and I'll walk out with loads more stuff (like all the random magazines I bought). Any-who...there's just really not that many BB Creams out in the market (well, at least at Target) at the moment. I did find one from the Boots Botanics line so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I've used it for a couple days, and I don't actually see any massive difference but it's still nice. It's marketed as "radiance beauty balm". I don't know how radiant I look because honestly I only use it at night but it does smell good and hasn't done anything horrible to my skin. So that's a plus, right?

I'll probably visit Sephora some time in the future and see what they have.

According to Zemanta (anyone else use that? I think it's kinda fun) there are a TON of BB Cream reviews on blogs but this one site below had a better experience with Garnier so I thought I'd link it.

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