Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pinterest: Not just for dessert and craft projects! Pt 3 (or WW2 edition)

Yes, I know. Part three. I swear it's the last!


These are all World War II pictures, that I hadn't seen. And although it's war, they aren't horrifically graphic (besides the destruction that's occurring) but there is some bombing, and bombed out images. If that makes sense.
USS Shaw, exploding during the Pearl Harbor attacks 1941
Berlin in 1945 (post WW2). Just destroyed
A boy in a bombed bookshop after an air raid in 1940. (somewhere in the UK)
The moment of detonation at Nagasaki, Japan (9 August 1945)
Battle of Britain (I'm not sure where in England this is from...or the exact date)

children (survivors) walking our of the children's barracks of Auschwitz, 1945
St. Lo, France. Post D-day

And because I'll be in Scotland in about a week and a's the men of the 7th Seaforth Highlanders (of the 15th Scottish Division) in Normandy 26 June, 1944. They're being led by their piper. I love them already.
The 7th Seaforth Highlanders

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