Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Nail Art

The Olympic athletes are sporting some awesome nail art for their home countries. I'm totally jealous as I'm far too lazy to attempt some of these intricate designs. Although I could probably get the red, white or blue thing going.

The Guardian Newspaper has a Pinterest board dedicated to Olympic athletes patriotic nail art, plus some additional patriotic/Olympic nail art. (Link:  Olympic Nail Art)

Inspirationail has a Pinterest board dedicated to the 2012 Olympic Games-Nails as well (Link: Olympic Nails)

The post is ridiculously picture heavy. And mostly American athletes because that's where I'm from but there are other countries in the links, promise! I kinda went overboard with the pics and the links to even MORE pictures. Sorry!

Swimmer Lia Neal with her bronze medal and nails, from

Swimmer Elizabeth Beisel with her sparkly blue and red nails, from

Tennis player Venus Williams, from

Shooter Amanda Furrer, with her American flag French-style Manicure,  from Today. com

Hungarian Swimmer Suzana Jacobos, from the

British Swimmer Rebecca Adlington, from the

American Volleyball player Destinee Hooker probably wins the prize.  From the

And here are some neat tutorials or designs I found while googling.

American style nail art from
Olympic Torch Nail, from The Daily Nail


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