Monday, August 27, 2012

Carry On Bag - Beauty

I'm ever so slowly packing. Very, very slowly. But, since one of the products I ordered off of Amazon came in, I decided to start packing the lotions, shampoo, moisturizer part of my luggage. The bigger containers went into one of my suitcases that will be checked,  but for the carry on bag, I had to raid my stash of hotel and beauty counter supplies.

via Amazon
Yes...I have a stash. And I'm not ashamed, when I travel anywhere, that's what I end up packing from. It's just easier, and cheaper, than running out to Walmart or Target and raiding their $1 section for the mini-sized products.

And tonight, I suppose I'll start packing some of my measly number of clothes that will translate over to the weather in Scotland. There's about a 25 degree (Fahrenheit) difference in temperature at the moment.

Or, put another way...that has made everyone but me laugh. The average summer temperature over there is about the average winter temperature here (if it's a cloudy and rainy day).

I've bought a huge coat. And gloves. And glove warmers. And a snuggie. Don't judge.

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