Monday, August 20, 2012

Victoria's Secret Hair

I live in the south, where it's humid. And during monsoon season (happening now btw) it almost isn't worth it to do your hair. Or maybe that's my laziness talking.

just a typical day
from this weekend!

So instead of doing more research into UK weather and life and whatever else I should be learning, I've decided to walk the path of denial and spend countless hours on youtube looking at the best way to curl my hair a la vicky's secret.

via Total Beauty
from Total Beauty
I can deal with the advice on the Total Beauty website (Hair Secrets of the Victoria's Secret Models), because when I kinda feel like actually doing my hair, I do it like that. Hairspray + curling iron + more hairspray.

Although, I don't pin my hair free style like that, I cheat and use velcro rollers.


Video is from Hair and Makeup by Steph

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