Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What the World Trade Center in NYC look like now

I've been in Scotland for about five days now. I kinda have my bearings...in the sense that I can get to the university and the grocery store.

Baby Steps!

But because I'm not in America anymore I kinda missed out on all the 9/11 tributes that are happening. Reading updates from Facebook has made me sad because everyone is telling where they were when they found out.

But it made me wonder how the progress on the rebuilding of the World Trade Center in NYC was coming along and what it will eventually look like.

Supposedly, it's going to have tons of space for offices and performing arts..and a mega mall.

Sorry for the ridiculous amount of pictures...I just can't help myself really.

(via the World Trade Center webpage)
(Via The World Trade Center)

(via The World Trade Center)
 The building known as "One World Trade Center" (or 1WTC) is going to be the tallest building in NYC when it's done and the third tallest in the world, which is pretty spiffy. Plus...the height is supposed to be 1,776 feet high (1776 = the year of American Independence). I love nerdy stuff like that!
(via Gothamist.com)
The tallest building in the world is the Burj Dubai, and for comparison here it is with 1WTC (an earlier version I think, but still a good comparison).
(via newspaper.li/freedom-tower)
Here are the artist renderings of what it will eventually look like
(Via The World Trade Center
(Via The World Trade Center)

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