Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This is how your news actually gets to you...with bells on!

Lots of the news is digitized, which is really nice because of the instant knowledge that you get. But if you're a reporter (and by that, I mean a real one (intern power!), not one who gets wardrobe and sits on their butt to read off a prompter) you still have to have your running shoes on. No, I mean, literally. You need to wear running shoes.

These pictures are great--they show reporters running to get extra news/info to their stations after the Supreme Court ruled on "ObamaCare".

NPR has a great summary of who "won" and who "lost". As in, whose reporter can run the fastest with the correct news (sorry CNN and FOX and congratulations Bloomberg, who won the News Olympics with 24 seconds over the Associated Press).

At least two of the runners were ID'ed as interns from CBS evening news and ABS news.

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