Sunday, July 1, 2012

Britain during the 1920s

I LOVE old pictures. They're always so interesting! What's also really interesting to me, is while we have "old" houses, bridges, buildings and other structures in America---it's not really as old as some places in Europe or Asia. "Old" kinda becomes relative then.

Tower Bridge and Tower of London on March 1921

So, if you want to look at pictures of England (Britain...I'm not really sure the name thing, I've never figured that out) that were taken between 1919 to 1953, there's a website called "Britain from Above" that has about 95,000 images.

England's Houses of Parliament on June 1926
This is the cool thing (ok, to nerds like me, it's super cool). The company that took all these pictures is called Aerofilms Ltd, which was the first commercial aerial photography company in Britain (founded in 1919). They own about 1.2 million negatives/photographs. But I think only the 95,000 from the website have been digitized. Which is still a lot. But you can see the changes of the English/British landscape during those forty years (which includes World Wars and industrialization). It's pretty amazing.

the Crystal Palace on April 1925
The Crystal Palace was created for the World Fair, and was really one of the first "modern" buildings. All steel and glass. As a random aside. I thought it was awesome (picture wise!).

Blackpool Tower and the Winter Gardens, 1920, look at the Ferris Wheel!

They have the pictures tagged by locations and I went through to see if there were any I recognized by place but I only saw a few. Mostly because I only went to England once so nothing really hit me beyond the touristy places.

Royal Crescent in Bath, 1920

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