Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the Mayo Clinic goes to Mount Everest

Let's talk about camping...or hiking. Or anything out-doorsy.

It's torture.

Which is probably why I'll never be asked to do ANYTHING to advance the human race through epic adventures in the wild.

Nature is just not my thing. Or anything cold. Which is strange because I signed up to go abroad at several schools where it snows. I must have been crazy.

This all leads to the fact that I'm a news junkie. I love tid-bits and I check several news sites twice a day just to make sure I know what's going on. So I bookmarked the Mayo Clinic Science Blog a while ago to follow their team of scientists climb Mount Everest in order to study the human body in extreme conditions as well as heart conditions.

from the National Geographic website

Awesome right?

from the Mayo Clinic Science Blog

They're back now but you can still flip through the pictures and see the blog posts about the climb. Safely at home. With the heater turned on. And a bowl of ice-cream.

I have no clue HOW to re-post a Flickr slideshow, but here's the page it's on. It's really cool and I'd hate to have to pay the baggage fee for all those heavy suitcases they had to bring!

From the Nation Geographic Website

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