Monday, April 30, 2012

Stupid farmville leads to new awesome nails!

I think the only thing more stressful than the applications to college has been paying the application fee...for anything out of my home state.

It's just that paying my applications fees is happening the same time as some jerkface in New Jersey tried to steal my credit card number to play games on Facebook. Luckily, my card company caught it and wouldn't let any of his payments go through (or mine). And when they called me to tell me, we had a lovely time wondering what game he must be playing (farmville? mafia wars? some zombie plant game...We never could figure it out).

Sadly...nothing got paid on my end and I get to wake up tomorrow and try again. Which involves me calling the cc company and asking nicely for all these payments to go through. As long as it's not farmville.

Considering I'm completely useless tonight...everything is a go except fees...I might as well re-do my nails. And I'm thinking of trying something new. An "ombre-stain" mani or gradient nails. I went to Lauren Conrad, Amy Nadine and Kristin Ess' website (The Beauty Department) first because I remembered a post that they did involving a sponge and nail-polish.

from The Beauty Department's website. That's Kristin, Lauren and Amy.  

I also did  a google search and found another website...because one is never enough! It's called the Nailasaurus. How cute is that?

So, the basic premise is to mix the nail colors together-but not completely- and then dip the sponge in the color and transfer it to your nails. Easy-peasy.

Here's the tutorial from The Beauty Department. They also have step by step instructions (for picture no. 2, the sponge is soaking in water...not another clear-liquid-that-my-cousin-is-quite-fond-of). So you might want to hop on to the link in the paragraph (it's straight to the page) in case you want to read their tips.

I have old makeup sponges that I've never actually used (multi-pack for Christmas...from like...middle school days. oh wow). So this is for sure happening tonight! But I'm not feeling doing the gradient nails exactly. I'm thinking simpler and only about two (or three). Since it's my first time. So I'm going to mix and match but mostly use Nailasaurus' tutorial.

She has step by step instructions as well...but I'm only going to show two pics because I don't think I could explain it better than she does.  Basically, mix the polishes and put on your nails. I think I'm going more contrast...since I'm so artsy (I'm so not).

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